Out with the old, tag on with the new - Valley Flyer buses welcome the ability to pay by Snapper

June 3, 2009

Bus travel in the Hutt Valley will be a whole lot more modern with the introduction of the ability to pay for your bus fare using a Snapper card from 14 June.

A new ticketing system is currently being installed on all Valley Flyer and Airport Flyer buses and will be operational from Sunday, 14 June. The ticketing system provides the ability to pay by Snapper.

Go Rider cards will be unable to be accepted on Valley Flyer or Airport Flyer buses from 14 June.

To support a smooth transition to the new ticketing system, and to provide all Valley Flyer and Airport Flyer customers who have a Go Rider card with the opportunity to pay by Snapper, a FREE swap out has been arranged.

Go Rider card holders are invited to swap their existing Go Rider card for a FREE Snapper. 

This can be done at the following three locations, from Thursday, 11 June, in the Hutt Valley:

  • Westfield Queensgate (Thursday, 11 June to Sunday, 21 June)
    • Monday to Wednesday 9am to 6pm
    • Thursday and Friday, 9am to 9pm
    • Saturday, 9am to 6pm
    • Sunday, 10am to 5.30pm
  • Valley Flyer Office, Waterloo Interchange, Lower Hutt (Thursday 11 June to Friday 19 June)
    • Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.45pm
  • The Mall on Main Street, Upper Hutt (Friday, 12 June to Sunday, 14 June)
    • Friday, 9am to 8.30pm
    • Saturday, 9am to 5.30pm
    • Sunday, 10am to 4pm

Any remaining balance on Go Rider cards can be transferred to the new Snapper at the time of the swap.

Valley Flyer General Manager Matthew Lear says the move to Snapper is exciting for the Hutt Valley as it allows for more flexible access to public transport.

“GO Wellington provided the opportunity for adult customers to pay their bus fare with Snapper last year.  Now, over 60,000 Wellingtonians have Snapper cards, and more than 20,000 adult trips each day are ‘snappered’ on GO Wellington buses.”

“With the ability to pay by Snapper on Valley Flyer and Airport Flyer buses, customers will be able to travel seamlessly on buses between the Hutt Valley and Wellington.”

“The next three weeks will be a significant period of change for public transport in the Hutt Valley. We’re rolling out new technology, which requires a change in behaviour for both our drivers and our customers.  We’re excited about being able to offer our customers a way to pay for their bus fare that is on par with what’s offered internationally,” says Mr Lear.

“Our focus is a transition that is as simple as possible.  We are now communicating with our customers to ensure they have the information they need and we will keep doing so over the next two months,” he says.

At the same time as launching Snapper onto Valley Flyer and Airport Flyer buses, Snapper are introducing the ability to register your Snapper online.  A new hot listing facility will also protect the card’s balance in case of loss or theft making it a better option than the Go Rider card.

Later this year, Snapper will introduce a transport only card which enables the customer to only use their Snapper on transport.

For further details on how to Snapper your bus fare please visit:  www.valleyflyer.co.nz

Information for parents of primary, intermediate and secondary students:

Primary school children will be issued an easily identifiable green ‘child’ Snapper which entitles them to child discounted fares.  Secondary school students will be issued a red Snapper card personalised with their date of birth and their school enrolment information.

The ability to register your Snapper online and the addition of the new Snapper hot listing facility means that for children, paying their bus fare by Snapper will be even safer than by Go Rider card.

“During the swap out period, we’re asking parents to bring in their children and their Go Rider card,” says Mr Lear.  “If they are at secondary school they will also need to bring some ID that shows their date of birth and their school ID, a copy of their school fee invoice or a letter from their school.”

“We will swap out the Go Rider card for a Snapper card FREE of charge.  Any remaining balance on the Go Rider card can be transferred over to the Snapper card at the time of the swap.”

Some schools in the Hutt Valley may be assisting with the Go Rider swap out process.  For more information, please visit www.snapper.co.nz.


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