New Zealand Transport Agency

The role of NZTA is to improve New Zealand’s land transport system, its work extends from planning and funding activities, supporting public transport, building the networks that connect communities, to ensuring the people and vehicles that use the system are safe to do so.

It has a number of priorities in carrying out this role, including improving road safety, freight efficiency and the effectiveness of public transport.

The NZTA has three main functions:

  • Allocating funds from the National Land Transport Fund to land transport activities including: local road and state highway improvement, maintenance and renewal, and passenger transport.

    It is also a co-funder, together with local and regional government, of local roads and public transport infrastructure and services. In this role it also provides assistance and advice, including through membership on regional transport committees which develop regional land transport programmes.

  • Working closely with a range of agents to provide transport users with safe access to the land transport system. They do this through: Driver testing services; issuing driver licences and transport service licences; vehicle certification, registration and licensing activities; collecting road user charges and other revenue.

  • Providing national activities including: operating and improving the state highway network; national advertising and education programmes; and administering a fund for land transport research.
NZ Transport Agency