Our History

In November 2005, Infratil acquired NZ Bus for $252 million.

The attraction for Infratil was NZ Bus’s positioning in a sector that was likely to grow due to social and political pressure for more and better public transport and for less use of the private car. For this to happen, NZ Bus recognised that a comprehensive change in all aspects of its service, its regulation and its relationship with users was required.

Building value takes time. Infratil believed that delivering efficient and good services meant having a work force that was motivated, trained and managed well.

Infratil’s goal with each of its businesses is a work force of people empowered and proud of their roles. This philosophy has led it to invest heavily in its people and in the communities where it operates.

Infratil believes that sustained quality, people, performance, positive relationships and involvement in communities where its businesses are based are key determinants of its financial performance.

NZ Bus has been wholly New Zealand owned since 2005. In that period the new owner has instigated comprehensive changes:

  • A new board and senior management
  • A new company culture focusing on customers and staff
  • An absolute commitment to working in partnership with the region’s councils and other partners
  • A re-invigorated commitment to meeting customers’ needs.

Since its purchase by Infratil, NZ Bus has delivered a number of enhancements to the service it offers, and local body partners in Auckland and Wellington regions have delivered on others.

A combination of continued investment in new and better buses, on-going driver training, improved engagement with our key business partners, better systems and additional real-time information at bus stops and bus priority measures on the road will ensure we provide a better bus service; one that is more reliable, convenient, more frequent and more comfortable – a service that more people will want to use.

our history