Auckland’s urban form and mobility has been based on the private car. In the past a high percentage of public transport users indicated they rode the bus because they had few alternatives. This is changing.

NZ Bus recognized what was needed was marked improvements to both the reliability, quantity, and quality of services, and a change in public perception.


Metrolink encompasses multiple journeys made by multiple people to multiple destinations.

The blue and silver buses with their ripple motif are designed to reflect Auckland's strong links to the sea, and suggest the connections between people and places, city and suburbs, connecting and overlapping.

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The new LINK services were launched by Auckland Super City Mayor Len Brown in August 2011. The new Green, Amber and Red environmentally friendly buses have made getting around Auckland City much easier and simpler.

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North Star

Whether you are a daily commuter, a student or an occasional shopper, North Star is the most convenient way to travel around the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast.

Accessing Auckland city has also become quick and easy as all our buses use the Northern Busway.

The use of the Hibiscus flower on the distinctive yellow and bright blue buses instantly captures the freedom of the North Shore lifestyle, the vitality of its residents and the pride the region has in its warmer climate and magnificent beaches.

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Our bright green and silver buses serve the Waitakere community. GO WEST's pride in servicing the 'eco' city is emphasised through the brand’s core green colour palette. The colours not only reinforce the beauty of the surrounding ranges, but also the vibrant wildlife.

The buses are designed to promote the destinations of Waitakere City and to capture the passion and inspiration that fuels West Auckland.

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