Passenger Assist

Our drivers are trained in disability awareness and will operate the ramp and help wheelchair passengers pay their fare.
However, it is recommended that passengers who require physical assistance to board the bus should travel with an able-bodied companion.

Most of our current fleet, and all new buses coming into service, allow easy access and have a designated area for users of wheelchairs and pushchairs.
Wheelchairs (both manual, self/caregiver propelled or powered versions) can be carried on our wheelchair accessible buses, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Maximum length - 1200mm
  • Maximum width - 700mm
  • Maximum weight - 240kg (combined weight of wheelchair and user)

Please note: for safety reasons pushchairs may be required to be folded down before boarding to ensure they can be safely stowed. For space reasons, buses are unable to carry large mobility scooters or some larger style pushchairs and the measurements above should be used for guidance only.

The mobility devices described above are deemed to be for disabled passengers and exclude personal motorised mobility devices, such as Segways, which may not be carried on passenger services.
A row of seats towards the front of most buses is identified as especially available for the elderly or those with access challenges. Please help us make these passengers' journey easier by allowing them to sit in these seats.

NZ Bus welcomes passengers accompanied by guide dogs and hearing dogs.